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Bubble in Bath - Bath

The Bubble in Bath is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for two lucky couples to spend an extraordinary night in unique experimental surroundings.  Yep our see-through Bubble is a 4-metre wide state-of-the-art inflated hotel room   located right in the centre of Bath not far from the Abbey the Roman Baths and stunning Thermae Spa.  This transparent globe is quite possibly the best way to view the iconic spa city   and let the city see you!  We re offering two couples the chance to stay for one night each inside the Bubble Room where everything you do will be on view to curious members of the public.  Enjoy a sumptuous bed covered with luxurious furs to keep you warm overnight snuggle up with a book by the lamplight and entertain yourselves by watching surprised passers-by as the city buzzes on outside your Bubble.  Don t worry there s 24 hour security monitoring the Bubble in Bath and you ll have access to bathroom facilities in one of our other Bath hotels close by.  This is one very special experience.      The Bubble in Bath is available for stays of 1 night only. As the Bubble in Bath is a one off the images used here are for illustration purposes only.  The actual Bubble will differ in terms of furnishings and surroundings instead based right in the middle of Bath City Centre. 

Bath City Centre

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